Tips and tricks for your pet


Our pets are the only thing we love more than household hacks. We combine both and share our top tips and tricks for pets. These include how to remove fleas naturally, prevent cats scratching furniture, save money on pet food, groom pets more effectively, stop pets chewing and make their breath smell better.

Prevent Pet Sunburn

Did you know that sunburn can also occur in light-colored animals? You can protect your pet from sunburn by applying a little SPF 15 sunscreen to his nose and ears.

Fido Being Finicky?

If your dog refuses to eat a brand new food, place a piece beef jerky inside the bag. The food will smell much better the next day.

Where can I buy pet food?

Compare pet food prices at different stores when shopping for pet food. Recent research has shown that pet food tends be more expensive in stores where there are many people already purchasing pet products.

Get Groomed for Less

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days for pet groomers. Ask your groomer about discounts for Tuesdays through Thursdays or if you can get a discount for arriving midweek.

Stop cats from rattling furniture

You know how difficult it can be to enforce a rule if your cat isn’t allowed to use a particular piece of furniture or place. Your yelling may not be enough to deter your cat’s behavior. Instead, you can use this spray bottle to mix 1 cup water with 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper. To ensure that it doesn’t stain, place the mixture in a spray can. The smell is not pleasant for cats and they won’t let it touch their paws. Keep going until your cat finds a permanent scratching place (such as the expensive scratching post).

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Pacify a Chewing Puppy

If your puppy Bruce is a chewer, take him to the local vitamin or health food shop and ask for clove oil. The oil of cloves is great for us, but horrible for dogs. It can be used on any wooden legs to keep your dog away.

Keep animals from chewing on cords

We know that your dog or cat likes to chew on the wires. There is a quick solution. Let’s get started. Unplug all electronics and rub the cords with a lemon wedge. After they have dried, plug them in again. Animals don’t like lemon taste and will avoid it.

A better-behaved dog

Dog trainers often say that startingle your dog is the best way to discourage bad behavior, such as incessant barking. This can be done by filling an old toilet paper tube full of beans or rice, and then tape aluminum foil to each end. The noise from shaking the tube will surprise him and make him forget his bad habits.

Proper care for pet toys

To keep your pet’s playthings clean and free of germs and bacteria, you can just toss them in the dishwasher once a month. You don’t need to use detergent. Just heat the dishwasher and let it run until the detergent is dissolved. This will thoroughly clean rubber or plastic toys. A quick wash will not only keep Fido healthy but also prolong the life of toys and clean your floors, carpets and furniture.

Eliminate the Litter Box Odor

Rinse your cat’s litter box and put a quarter inch of white vinegar inside. Allow it to stand for half an hours, then rinse it and dry it.

You Can Easily Get Rid Of Pet Hair

Use dry rubber gloves to get rid of pet hairs on upholstery. This is how to get rid of pet hair.

How to Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally

Did you know saltwater can kill fleas? To naturally eliminate fleas from your dog, you can let him swim in the ocean if you live near it. These are just a few of the many natural ways to eliminate fleas.

Make it easier for cats to take meds

Try rubbing the pills in butter to get your cat to swallow them. This will make the pills taste better and slide down your cat’s throat.

Pet food should be kept away from ants

You don’t have to throw out an ant-infested pet food bowl again. This tip will help you keep your pet safe from ants: Ants cannot swim. Put the cat or dog food in a bowl and fill it with water.