The heat period for male dogs is longer than for females. They don’t go through any cycle. The males feel heat as soon as they detect in the air the pheromones and odor particles that women emit when they are in heat.

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Males can find the smell of female pheromones very intoxicating. They will be compelled to seek out the female pheromones as they are irresistible, hypnotizing and hypnotizing. A male dog may follow a female dog along a leash, waiting for her to accept him.

Dogs in heat: How many hours can dogs remain in bed?

But heat can lead to some personality changes in your dog.

Aggression and frustration: The male hormone testosterone is activated when a male enters heat. Cortisol is also activated, which is a lesser-known hormone but equally important.

Cortisol is the main cause of stress in dogs. It causes aggression, frustration and irritability. Dogs can be subject to constant stress, which can cause psychological problems. Dogs who want to be a mother will not allow males into their space. Dogs who are friendly and affectionate with males can become aggressive.

Depression: Dogs that are abandoned can become depressed. Depression can cause behavior changes like stopping eating, crying, fatigue, and howling.

Escape: Because females in heat urinate more often, male dogs will be drawn to the smell of urine and ignore their owners. Even if it means crossing roads, he will seek out the source of this pleasant smell.

Inadequate marking: Dogs who feel that female pheromones exist in the air are more likely to mark. This can cause problems at home because they are more inclined to mark corners than they would if there wasn’t an influx of pheromones.

Confusion is when a dog behaves in a manner that can make it appear that he’s confused or ignores you. This behavior can make us believe our dog is rebellious. It could be an underlying reaction to heat.


For both cats and dogs, sterilization is the best advice. If you do not plan to have puppies with your dog, this is the best option.

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Don’t let her go if she is in Estrus. She might run off looking for a man.

It is best to not have a male and female dog in your home. As we’ve seen, these can affect his personality and make him less friendly.

Your furry friend can get out of doors and windows.

So that pets don’t stain the house, people teach them to wear underwear.

Hygiene is essential. If you clean the area at least once a day, we can apply menthol essences or oral chlorophyll.

Designate a safe area for her to go during the day. Here are her toys. Place her toys in an area free from dangers and safe from men.

Play with her, and do home activities with her to make up the difference in her activity.


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Castrated males retain a strong sense for smell and are still attracted to the scents of females during heat. Although he doesn’t have hormones to make him more aggressive, or increase his aggression, he will still want that female.

The following steps should be taken if you notice a female dog in heat near your dog:

Your dog should be leashed. We just mentioned that males will follow their female mounts in heat, even if they don’t have puppies.

Plan your trip to the park. It is possible to change the time you leave the park if you know the hours of the dogs in heat.

You can change your departure route. You can also alter the play areas if you are concerned about a hot female dog. This will prevent your dog from running away in search of the smell.

Educate your dog . If you train your dog correctly, you will be able to control your dog’s instinct to flee. It will be very useful to learn basic commands such as “No, Stay, or Come”. They may not be perfect in heat matters.