Fluffy Baby Cow: 11 to brighten up your day


These fluffy baby cow are likely to be seen in photos on social media. It’s just one image of a fluffy, long-haired animal that will brighten your day. Perhaps you recall the meme ’emo’ cow from years ago or when Iowa’s fluffy cows became viral.

No matter how much you love these animals, have you ever wondered where or when they were born? These questions and many more will be answered along with adorable photos of these magnificent cows.

“Emo Fluffy Baby Cow” are actually Highland cattle

This rustic cattle breed was first discovered in the Outer Hebrides Islands and Scotland’s Highlands. Their long, shaggy coats and cute appearance make them easy to identify.

The Queen might have preferred certain coat colors

Highland cattle come in many colors including red, white, black, and red. Red is the most common color because of a Queen Victoria comment during a trip to the Scottish Highlands. In an effort to please her, she allegedly stated her preference for red-colored cattle.

Where can you find Highland cattle right now?

There are still Highland cattle left in Scotland. However, they have been exported to other parts of the world. This includes the United States of America, Canada, Australia and Finland.

They are so fluffy

This cows have such a unique coat that it helps with cold tolerance. A double-coated hair coat is what gives them their legendary status of floof. The outer layer is made up of oily hair while the undercoat is soft, fluffy and smooth.

What do they look like?

It would seem reasonable to assume that an animal this adorable would be friendly. You would be right in this instance. Highland cattle are known for their amazing temperaments. They are larger than you so be cautious around them. If they approach you with a friendly manner, there is no reason to be afraid.

Highlands don’t have to be the only place with Fluffy Baby Cow

The attention is often focused on Highland cattle, but we want to highlight another breed: the Belted Galoway.

They are also known as “belties”

This distinctive feature is found on cattle. This is where Belted Galloway’s ‘belted’ name comes from. They are also called ‘belties’.

Galloway also has an unbelted Galloway

Galloway cattle can be seen without the distinctive belt – their coats are just the same fluffy and help to keep them warm in winter.

Where are the belties?

Galloway cows are similar to Highland cattle and were bred in Scotland. They originated from the Galloway area around the 17th Century. Later, the Belted Galloways became a distinct breed in 1921. Belties, unlike Highland cattle are a rare breed. Although they can be found all over the world, including in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil and Canada, their populations are very small.

Caring For A Miniature Fluffy Baby Cow

Do you want to adopt a cow but don’t have enough space? You might consider getting a miniature cow. These miniature versions of our bovine friends make adorable pets. A Mt. Here are some tips from Airy, MD vet on how to care for small cows.

  • Basics

Three types of miniature cows exist. The hips of midsize miniature cows are between 42 inches and 48 inches. Standard miniatures, which are typically 36 to 42 inches in size, are slightly smaller. There are also micro-miniature cattle, which measure less than 36 inches. These guys generally measure between a third to a half the height of regular cows. Note: Cows are social animals and will be happier with friends. We recommend that you get more than one.

  • Benefits

Smaller cows have many great benefits. You can get enough milk to make butter and cheese from a milk cow. Also, you don’t need much space. A cow needs only one acre. Because they don’t have to eat as many, smaller cows can be more affordable than larger ones. Because the hay is smaller, it will be easier to clean and haul hay.

  • Shelter

Fresh air is important for cows, but shelter should be provided. At the very minimum, your bovine friend should have a three-sided shelter that protects them from the elements. You may be surprised to find out that cows don’t require large fences. Make sure the fence is strong enough to prevent your cow from getting through it.

  • Veterinary Care

Bessie, like all animals, will require regular exams. Bessie will also require parasite control and vaccinations. You’ll need to be on the lookout for signs of illness and injury between appointments. Ask your vet for more information.

  • Food

To ensure that your land is suitable for pasturage, we recommend you have it checked. Bessie will require hay twice daily if the land doesn’t meet her standards. You can give her hay as an additional food source. Fresh, clean water is essential for your furry friend. You should have salt, vitamin, and mineral blocks available at all times. For more information, consult your veterinarian.

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